Heat Control The Paint, Snap Six Game Skid (FINALLY)


With a horrific start for the HEAT, it seemed like comparisons to that 2007-08 team were inevitable. The HEAT were the verge of having a seven-game losing streak, longest since the 2007-08 season and Miami was down as many as 14 in the first quarter. Things looked bleak. Miami was able to turn things around but how the hell did they do it?

Controlling Points in the Paint: The Bucks who are known for their length and athleticism everywhere on the floor has helped them lead the league in points in the paint (46.9). Tonight, Milwaukee had only 34 points in the paint and Hassan Whiteside was a big reason why.

He was doing it with blocks tonight as Hassan blocked seven shots and was able to control the Bucks in the paint. Miami allows the lowest field goal percentage at the rim (44.4%).

Bench mob: The HEAT grinded it out and stayed in striking distance late in the first quarter with contributions of their energetic bench. James Johnson has definitely surprised early this season. He nearly had a double-double, nine points and 10 rebounds, and while he had a bad shooting night (1-4 from three) he has exceeded expectations by shooting 36.7 percent from three this season.


The second unit was able to tie the game up at 48 points to go into halftime after they inherited a huge deficit. Despite Goran Dragic and Whiteside combining for only 4 points in the first half the HEAT were able to go into halftime with a tie game. <insert clap emoji>

Dion Waiters being a baller: Dion had 23 points and actually made layups today!!!!! Prior to this game Waiters was 22/64 in the restricted area for a sparkling 34.4 percent. And because Miami can’t have nice things anymore, Dion was 0-5 from three. In spite of that he got to the rim at will and was rewarded for that.

It’s good to see Miami end their home stand with a win because now they hit the road for four games. With Dragic back in the lineup and a healthy Richardson in the mix, things might start to come together as they try to climb out of the cellar.

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