137: Front Office Friction

Heatbeat Podcast

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The guys return from their hiatus!

• Alf gets mad at Giancarlo for wanting to flip Wayne (Rayne) Ellington for assets

• How Dion Waiters bamboozled the Heat front office and fan base

• Leif provides some insight to the front office friction caused by Hassan Whiteside. Saucy nuggets!

• Alf also recalls bad strip club experiences

… and so much more!

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Contributors: Leif (@Lefty_Leif), Christian Hernandez (@cch1125), Alf (Heat Twitter President) (@Alf954), Harrison Cytryn (@hottakeharry), Jack Alfonso (@trillgoreklout), BrassJazz (@brassjazz), Nekias Duncan (@NekiasNBA), Alex Toledo (@tropicalblanket), and Veronika Quispe (@veronika_quispe)

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