138: Bet on Your Pod, Then Double Down with Jorge Sedano (ESPN) & David DuFour (Basketball Breakdown)

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In this special two-part edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, the guys double down by welcoming Jorge Sedano of ESPN and David DuFour of Basketball Breakdown to discuss the Miami Heat at midseason.

• Dion Waiters is expected to undergo season-ending ankle surgery, confirmed by The Vertical and first reported by our own Heat Beat Insider, Lefty Leif.

• Intel from Sedano on Miami’s decision-making process with how to handle Dion’s ankle

• Hassan Whiteside’s role with the team and his relationship with Erik Spoelstra

• Gianni’s secretary?

• DuFour gives us hot “Josh-Richardson-will-be-top-20-in-the-NBA” takes

• Nekias Duncan gets called out for tweeting mid-show

•Wayne Ellington’a future with the team

… and so much more!

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Editors: Giancarlo Navas (@GNavas103) and Brian Goins (@byBrianGoins)

Contributors: Leif (@Lefty_Leif), Christian Hernandez (@cch1125), Alf (Heat Twitter President) (@Alf954), Harrison Cytryn (@hottakeharry), Jack Alfonso (@trillgoreklout), BrassJazz (@brassjazz), Nekias Duncan (@NekiasNBA), Alex Toledo (@tropicalblanket), and Veronika Quispe (@veronika_quispe)

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  1. VForde says:

    First time listener: Stick to the Heat, no one cares about volley ball and the other stuff you guys discuss..
    Dion Waiters: since being with us his defense is way better than before. The issue the organization has with him is the type of shoes he wears on the court. As for his play, our team is better with him because our offense at times gets stagnant. When we play really good teams, Dion has very impactful points.. Points that stop other team runs, points that put teams away.. He bought in and his career is way better. As for why Tyler played against Indiana, JJ was suspended. Harlem only asked him for 5m per stretch for a couple stretches. Tyler stepped up for his squad.. Winslow’s limited offense and injury history is my biggest issue with him. He is a very good defensive player that can play ALL 5 positions. This is very valuable for a contending team. Ellington is filling the roll Dion had. NEXT MAN UP..
    Hassan: what I see from Hassan is someone who has come back early from injury and cannot contest each and every shot. He is still hurt and getting better. Once he is fully back then we can, teams will have to adjust to us..

    No team in the league with exception Golden State is a deep as us.. We will not be a easy out in the playoffs as we can win at anyone’s house. We are a serious threat to everyone.. Our plus minus is bad only because we have a few games in which we just gave up and teams beat us by 20 plus points..

    Spo is a match up base coach, which is why Hassan sits during the 4th quarters.. Sometimes we need a big to stretch the other team which is why Oly is out there..
    Oly isn’t good for very fast paced teams that attack the paint.
    Bam has super star potential.. a Dwight Howard type player without the FT issues. Wait until they unleash the three point prowess of Bam..
    as for Josh Richardson, He brings it every night.. Teams MVP right now.. best contract on the team..

    LEAVE TYLER JOHNSON THE F*** ALONE.. The Nets structured his contract as a poison pill contract which is fine.. Micky will pay the tax which comes along with it.. Tyler is worth it.. He does everything we ask of him and this season he is more confident as a shooter this season.. He is very efficient with the rock and a fearless shooter.

    Goran is our teams leader. Nothing much to talk about here.

    James Johnson is our Haslem.. resident tough guy which every team needs.. He will f*** you up.. Ask Ibaka about that 2 piece.

  2. VForde says:

    Seems like you guys don’t watch every heat game or follow the team closely that’s fine. If there is one thing that we could fix that will take us from playoff contender to championship contender is ball movement. ASSISTS… we have yet to have a 30 assist game this season.. if we can consistently stay above 25 per game during the second have, and bring down the turnovers to 11 a game we will be a problem for Cleveland who is old and top heavy.
    Boston doesn’t match up well against us and neither does Washington.. Our biggest second round threat would be Toronto. We played the game of our lives and barely won.. Had Lowery played we would have been blown out. offenses was beyond terrible against a wounded team which is why we had season highs in rebounds and blocks and for them fewest points this season.
    Toronto is a legitimate problem for us.
    In summary more assists less turnovers equal championship contender for HEAT NATION.
    We match up well with Cleveland, Washington, Boston, and Milwaukee, but don’t matchup well with Philly, Toronto, andIndiana…
    We have a lot to fix

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