156: Six-to-Eight Weeks w/ Manny Navarro (The Miami Herald)

Heatbeat Podcast

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In this offseason edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Christian Hernandez, Jack Alfonso, Leif, and a late-arriving Brian Goins invite Manny Navarro of The Miami Herald as our special guest, who makes his maiden voyage on the show to discuss:
• Is Josh Richardson more valuable as a player or as an asset?
• Can we find it in us to root for the Boston Celtics over LeBron?
• Exclusive nuggets on where Miami had Donovan Mitchell ranked had he fallen to No. 14, and if the Heat would’ve selected him
• The behind the curtain answer to the 6-8 weeks report Miami Heat Beat had right all along on Dion Waiters’ ankle injury from last season.

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