181: Jimmy Butler Spooktacular (Geez)

Heatbeat Podcast

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In this Halloween edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Brian Goins, Cait Anderson, and Nekias Duncan discuss:

• Stories from Nekias’ time covering Heat vs. Hornets on Tuesday in Charlotte.

• We momentarily bring back a classic Miami Heat Beat game, “Heat Lifer or Not a Heat Lifer?”

• The crew speculates about the suspicious injuries of Jimmy Butler and Tyus Jones?

• Cait breaks down how Hassan Whiteside is mastering the art of stealing rebounds from teammates

• We debut a new Halloween game, featuring our scariest Miami Heat/NBA-related things.

• BONUS: There’s a special treat for those who listen to the end of the show. Enjoy!

…this and so much more!!!

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