184: The Case For Bradley Beal

Heatbeat Podcast

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In this edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Brian Goins, Alex Toledo, Brass Jazz, and Alf (brief appearance) introduce a new audience on Dash Radio (Wednesdays at 8 a.m. ET on the Nothin’ But Net channel) by discussing:

• Josh Richardson’s stellar shooting display and real plus-minus rankings
• Trading Block: The cost of trading for Bradley Beal? Would Beal be the missing piece to make a push for free agents in 2020 at his age/contract?
• Being torn between wanting the team to stay competitive or sell off its veterans to tank
• Around The NBA (Celtics, Raptors, Suns, Kings, Lakers)
• Who’s Hassan Whiteside’s favorite Pokemon?
…and so much more!!!

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  1. BocaMike says:

    Time for Riley to make something happen. Beal should be top project, whatever it takes. Preferably also moving some of those “assets “ (contracts) that Riley talked about last summer.

  2. deathmagnetic says:

    Unless Riley changes his approach on any possible trade talks,don’t expect any all star coming through that door anytime soon!After this cap mess and Butler blunder I think it’s time for him to go.Divach made the Kings a much better team while were stuck with this roster who seems to have no sign of a Heat Culture breed.There’s no spunk or angst on this team coz obviously the coach is a softie.We need somebody tough like Popa who can fire up his team and maybe then we start winning and defend better.This team needs a facelift badly from top to bottom.Time for change #FireSpoelstra #FireRiley #LetsTrade

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