220: Inside the Bang Bros Naming Rights Bid w/ Cullen McRae (Bang Bros Spokesman and Executive Producer)

Heatbeat Podcast

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Cannot believe this is happening, but we have the inside scoop on the viral Bang Bros bid. The Miami-based adult film production company announced on Thursday a $10 million bid to replace the naming rights of the AmericanAirlines Arena, the home of the Miami Heat.

We welcome Cullen McRae, Bang Bros spokesman and executive producer, on the show to explain why Bang Bros is fully committed to making the home where the Heat play the BangBros Center (BBC) for a 10-year period, and how his company isn’t treating this as a publicity stunt. Instead, Bang Bros hopes it can break the stigma by becoming innovators in the sports-entertainment space.

McRae also confirms that Bang Bros plans to increase their offer and are willing to overpay, if necessary, if that’s what it takes to make the BBC happen.

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