157: LeBron or #HeGone? w/ Justin Rowan (The Chase Down)

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The Miami Heat Beat Podcast
157: LeBron or #HeGone? w/ Justin Rowan (The Chase Down)
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In this NBA Playoffs edition of The Heat Beat Podcast, Giancarlo Navas, Alf, Alex Toledo, and Brian Goins invite Justin Rowan of The Chase Down Podcast as our special guest to discuss:

• With Cleveland down 0-2 versus the Boston Celtics, do the Cavaliers miss Dwyane Wade right about now?
• Miami eying point guard Fred VanVleet of the Toronto Raptors as a possible mid-level exception (MLE) recipient.
• Justin accuses the entire 2009 Orlando Magic team of cheating (just Google search “Hedo Turkoglu 2009” and “Hedo Turkoglu Raptors”).
• What do you hear?! “LeBron” or “#HeGone?”
…and so much more!!!

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