174: Ayo Ethan, Thank You

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174: Ayo Ethan, Thank You
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In just her second Miami Heat Beat appearance, the listeners demanded we let our newest MHB member host. We welcome, welcome, welcome back Cait Anderson to the show alongside Alex Toledo, Brian Goins, and Nekias Duncan to discuss:

• Udonis Haslem byke for his 16th NBA season with the Heat! Does he deserve a statue?
• Miami got offered a first-round pick for Josh Richardson, but instantly declined.
• We have reporters on the scene with nuggets!!! We go live to our media correspondents Giancarlo Navas, Alf, and Christian Hernandez, who attended Miami Heat events featuring Dwyane Wade, Haslem, Bam Adebayo, Briante Weber, and James Johnson.
• Wade said he remains undecided about a return, stating Media Day on Sept. 24 is not a deadline. Why shouldn’t he wait until after training camp to make his decision?
…and so much more!!!

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